Dear LJ

A recently received a notice that my LJ account would be automatically renewed, on the 31st, unless I went in and made adjustments.

Since I no longer post any images or text here I've decided to cancel my automatic payment. As of the 14th my account will laps into a limited state due to non-payment. Since receiving the notice on the 27th I was beginning to wonder if I would even be able to access LJ in order to adjust the auto payment.

I will attempt to maintain a free account in order to read your posts and to make comments.

Change is never easy but I feel this is long overdue.

This format is no longer user friendly for me.

Thank you,


note from a fan

I got this message on my Daddyhunt profile over the weekend. What do you think, should I write back?


Victor, Victor, Victor. May I call you "Vic"?


Vic... help me here; the "essay" part of your profile reads as follows: "I like carrots and cucumbers. I recycle, when I see trash I pick it up."

And that's all it says.

So, that's what you want us to know about you.

Vic, are you auditioning to fill a spot in the B-52's "Song for a Future Generation" with this cutesy little one-line bio?

Or are you just being witty, Vic?

Hmm... How's that working out for you? Being witty?

The shot of you with the ice cream seemed witty at first. I recall looking at it and thinking "He's licking an ice cream cone while looking askance into the camera. That's sort've witty." Then, upon closer inspection, I decided it was a bit posed and ever so slightly conceited looking. So, I had to reassess the witty factor.

99.999% percent of people in SF don't pick up trash when they see it, yet you want us to know that you DO. Clearly, doing it isn't enough for you... you want the ACCOLADES you feel you should receive for it, so you're notifying us of this virtue.

"Here. I'm great. I pick up trash. Now, love me."

You also "recycle". I think 99% of everyone in SF probably "recycles" on some level. My theory here is that you've consumed so much of your own Kool-aid (ideologically speaking) that you're thinking you deserve another gold star here. I think the reason you think that's worth a boast here is that you're so bought-in to your own virtue that it's blinding you to how mundane some of what you do is. I'm guessing that the wacked-out stuff, to you, pretty much blends in with the normal stuff... you don't care - you just want your props for all of it.

Ah, but Vic... you're sorta limited too... "single"... "casual sex"... I guess dating or a relationship would overtax your busy schedule of trash picking and recycling. Commitment's a bitch, huh Vic?

Say, Vic... hows about this: Hows about you go out and purchase some Carbon offsets to make up for the enormous plume of SMUG you're spewing into the SF atmosphere? That might help square things. I can tell you, the fallout from it is making some of us pretty ill.

Think about it, and get back to me when you have time.


(no subject)

In the last three days I have DJ'd at the Lone Star, dressed up like a priest and go-go danced in a club, went for a long walk in SF and experienced my lowest blood sugar reading ever.

September 2010

9/3 Lone Star from 6-10p Fog Friday bust
9/11 Lone Star from 3-9p Fog Rugby bust
9/12 Lone Star from 4-10p Beer Bust
9/15 Lookout for Mary Go Round from 10-2a Suppository Spelling hosting
9/17 Lone Star from 10-2a post Distortion+ event with Bob Mould and Chris Xefos
9/18 Lone Star from 8-2a post Country Star event
9/19 Stud from 6-11p BIG dance
9/21 Lookout from 10-2a Lekeia fundraser with Mutha Chucka
9/24 Lone Star from 10-2a
9/26 Lone Star from 2-10p annual leather quilting event